EMISON appeared in the market in 1.957 as a brand dedicated to the artisan production of small appliances. In 1.962 it was acquired by Abadal and Bras, S. A., and it was specialized in the production of electric ovens, with special incidence in the fields of Thermal Treatment, Micro-coalition, Ceramic and Enamel on metal, ending up leading the national market in the sectors of Micro-coalition and Enamel on Metal.

A total redraw of all our products, based on the development of a new badge resistance type, and the appearance of new products for isolation, as well as the popularisation of the electronics in the handling of equipments has provided us a great success of sales that have motivated the creation of a new mercantile society exclusively for the production of electric ovens, electronic devices and complements for the same ones.

EMISON is a family company. For more than 50 years we have been devoted to the production of ovens, incinerators and purifying equipments of smoke, for most of the possible applications of these teams, with the advantages that the specialization and the experience provide, and using recognised own technology which is appreciated in the main world markets.

We manufacture ovens for any activity with maximum temperatures of until 1.300 C in a standard way and under requested, special equipments until 2.100 C. As a complement of our ovens we manufacture special equipments for different industries.

We prepare more than 120 models of the standard equipments, for different applications, in existence for immediate delivery.

In the under request production, the technical department knows the last technologies available and it is prepared to design the most appropriate equipments according to the necessities of our clients.

The modulate conception of our ovens and the serial production endorse our leader position in the European market of electric ovens with more than 3.000 units produced annually with vanguard technology and a credited EMISON quality at exceptional price.

As a complement of our activity of manufacturers of ovens, the environment division was created to take advantage of the synergies of our main activity and the experience accumulated with completely own technology.

It is formed by a highly qualified team in permanent formation, staying aware of the most recent advances in the investigation and technology applied to the environment.

Following the line traced in all the Companies of the EMISON GROUP the investigation is a constant and we only manufacture equipments whose technology we dominate and which is tipped in the market.

It is a pleasure to present our ovens and different equipments. We would like to remark that besides the serial production we prepare other equipment for different applications. CONSULT US YOUR NEEDS. All the documents that are presented on this WEB are thought to be able to be easily printed or downloaded.